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Dear Readers,
I work in full-time job and have a family so due to these pressures and blessings I now have, I do not generally answer emails on questions, but I will certainly consider exchange of links with other Christian web sites.

Ask the Bible also do not use paid advertisements that can sometimes be inappropriate for a Christain website.

We live in interesting and distressing times. Jesus Christ could well return in the next 16 years so we must all stay faithful to Jesus and read the Bible as the times will sadly get worse as Christ's return get closer as confirmed in Revelation chapters 6 to 19. It is my intention do some serious research on the last days and place the information on Many Christians have no idea what will happen in the next 16 years. Hopefully my little contribution at Ask the Bible will help everyone who read

regards and God's blessings for 2017 and have a great Christmas, now only six months away now,

Ask the

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